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Privacy Policy

As part of our recruitment process, Jimmy Technologies collects and processes personal data relating to candidates who apply for our positions. Below, we’ve detailed what we collect, why we collect it, and what to do if candidates would like access to or deletion of personal data they’ve provided us during the recruitment process.

What We Collect

We collect only the information that is provided to us by job applicants/candidates over the course of the recruitment process. For those we present offers to, we will require additional personal information required by law to finalize an offer contract. This includes information required to confirm their identity.

Why We Collect It

We use the information to help us identify the best role for the candidates and propose relevant and interesting job offers. We generally request more information from candidates at each stage of our recruitment process. We also use fully anonymous and statistical metrics from previous applications to measure our recruitment processes.

Who Has Access To It

Members of the Jimmy Technologies recruitment team have access to the info submitted via our recruitment process. Hiring team members are given per-role access only after undertaken specific training, including dealing with confidential data. We’d ask for their consent before sharing any details with any other hiring teams.

How Long Is Applicant Information Stored

We keep applicant information on file for a period of 12 months. At the end of the 12 months, or if the applicant requests us to do so earlier, all of the information associated with the application will be deleted. If an applicant has any questions about this or would like to request modification or deletion of info they can contact us at